Water Treatment Products

Municipalities and privatized water and wastewater treatment facilities rely on precise and repeatable chemical dosing, pumping, and mixing to kill disease-causing micro-organisms and maintain the appropriate pH balance.  This high level of precision must occur through each stage of water treatment, from removing sludge and solids to final purification.

High-Quality Construction and Precise Chemical Dosing

Chemical metering pumps provide the low maintenance operation, precision, and longevity required for water and wastewater treatment applications. The pump's chambers expand and contract to gently move fluids through the pump, making them suitable for shear sensitive substances, low viscosity fluids, and slurries.

Use chemical metering pumps to inject chemicals and solutions during various stages of the water treatment and purification process, including:

  • Dechlorinating
  • Disinfection
  • Dewatering
  • pH regulation

Metering pumps are highly versatile, but that does not mean every pump works for all applications. Before choosing a brand or model, consider the substance being pumped, the viscosity, and flow and control requirements. Choosing the right housing material for your application and operating environment is also critical to prevent corrosion or pump damage.

Chemical Metering Pumps for Water and Wastewater Treatment

PS-AZ is a water treatment pump distributor offering a broad selection of Walchem and LMI chemical metering pumps, controllers, replacement kits, and accessories. These industrial pump brands have a strong reputation for quality and delivering precise and repeatable dosing, even in the most challenging water and wastewater treatment applications. From standard models to heavy-duty and explosion-proof designs, we have a chemical metering pump to handle your requirements.

Select a pump brand below to see our inventory and view product specifications. Our team caries extensive industry and product knowledge and can help you find the right pump for your application. 

  • LMI chemical metering pumps are recognized worldwide for reliability and accuracy. These pumps come in electric and motor-driven models to handle everything from high viscosity chemicals to slurries and accommodate your system requirements. A robust, chemical-resistant housing withstands prolonged exposure to moisture and chemicals. 
  • Walchem chemical metering pumps are manufactured by an industry leader in water treatment solutions. These pumps deliver high-speed performance of 360 strokes per minute and feature advanced microprocessor-based electronics for precise dosing. IP65 equivalent housing protection provides moisture and chemical resistance. We also stock Walchem pump controllers with cloud-based software to manage your pump systems remotely and in real-time.

Discover Chemical Metering Pumps from LMI and Other Trusted Brands

Visit our online store to find industrial water treatment pumps, parts, and accessories from top-rated brands like LMI, NOMAD, Walchem, and ARO. We stock chemical metering pumps in a broad range of styles and pumping capacities to handle virtually any dosing application. Call or send us a message to discuss your requirements!