Metering Pumps

Metering pumps are a type of positive displacement pump designed for high-precision dosing applications. These pumps have excellent repetitive accuracy and provide a low but precise volumetric flow rate for measured flow control. Metering pumps are hermetically tight for leak-free operation and are dry-run safe.

The design of metering pumps makes it safe to use in hygienic applications and those involving toxic, corrosive, acidic, explosive, or flammable substances, and in hygienic applications.  Dosing pumps are widely used in industrial water treatment facilities to dose chemicals used for water purification. Other applications include:

  • Chemical Production
  • Food & Beverage
  • Laboratories
  • Oil & Gas

High-Quality Metering Pumps for Industrial Dosing Applications

PS-AZ distributes a large selection of motor drive and standard electric metering pumps with a range of flow, pressure, voltage, and control features. All the pumps in our inventory offer the high precision and durability you need to handle tough industrial applications.  We also carry packaged chemical feed systems and polymer makedown systems for blending and diluting chemicals and cleaning agents.

Our inventory includes metering pumps and accessories from the following manufacturers:

  • Iwaki-Walchem
  • LMI
  • Pulsatron

Contact Us for All Your Industrial Metering Pumps and More

We work with trusted manufacturers to stock our inventory of metering pumps and pumps parts. Our team has the expertise to help you troubleshoot pumping issues and find the best solution for your application.  Contact us to request a quote or to discuss our industrial pump options.