Electrical Pump Control Panels

Control the operation of any industrial pump with a control panel. Pump control panels are typically wall-mounted and contain a circuit breaker, switches, and relays to control various pump functions. The programmable features, which vary by design, allow automated control and monitoring of one or multiple pumps across your facility, including:

  • Controlling the start and stop of your pump
  • Turning the pump power on or off
  • Monitoring level, pressure, and flow sensor statuses and alarms
  • Controlling pump operation speed
  • Observing pump motor current to prevent overloads

Control and Monitoring Solutions for Industrial Pump

Industrial pump control panels provide a single station to control your pump motor and monitor your flow, level, pressure, and temperature sensors. Manage one or multiple pump processes from a single station and identify operational issues before they cause pump failure. 

Types of pump control panels we provide include:

  • Simplex Control Panels: A simpler solution made for single pump applications.
  • Duplex Control Panels: Designed to accommodate two industrial pumps.
  • Quadplex Control Panels:  Use in applications involving up to four pumps.

Pump Motor Controls from Trusted Manufacturers

PS-AZ sources industrial pump control panels and accessories from an extensive network of manufacturers to provide you with solutions based on your facility needs. Our inventory includes disconnect type and circuit breaker pump motor controls for fixed speed and variable speed applications.

We carry electrical pump control panels from the following manufacturers:

  • Leeson
  • Baldor
  • Nidec/US
  • WEG
  • Nord
  • Siemens

Contact Us for Industrial Pump Control Panels

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