Pump Drives

Pump drives are a type of gearbox used to couple a pump system and motor, allowing operators to increase or reduce speed. These drives come in AC and DC options and mount directly to motor components using a shaft, flexible coupling, pulleys, or gears.

Standard pump drive styles include:

  • Variable Frequency Drives: Reduce the flow of your centrifugal pump based on the demands of your application. These pump drives work by controlling the electrical power supply to reduce pressure, conserve energy, and improve efficiency during pump operation.
  • Soft Starters: Use these pump drives to increase the voltage in a series of steps instead of applying full voltage upon starting. A soft starter helps extend the operating life of your pumps by minimizing the impact of starting and stopping the motor.

Selecting a Pump Drive for Your Industrial Pumping Application

Choosing the appropriate gear drive is critical and begins with having a thorough understanding of your pump system and operating requirements. Considerations in selecting a pump drive include:

  • Pump Type
  • Input Type
  • Mounting Requirements
  • Output Type and Size
  • Horsepower Rating
  • Torque and Gear Ratio Requirements

Direct and Indirect Pump Drives for Demanding Applications

Industrial pump drives can be set up with a direct or indirect connection. A direct connection is the simplest and involves using a shaft or flexible coupling to connect the motor and pump. Due to its simplicity, this type of connection also requires precise alignment to ensure proper pump function.

Indirect pump drives require the use of gears or pulleys to connect the pump and motor. While more complex, this type of connection allows more flexibility for operation speed.

We stock industrial pump drives in a variety of gear ratios and mounting options, including models manufactured to SAE standards. Select from a range of direct and indirect pump drive options to manage one or several pumps, depending on your needs.

Our inventory includes pump drives from the following manufacturers:

  • Baldor
  • Nidec/US
  • WEG
  • Leeson
  • Nord
  • Siemens

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