Lobe and Flexible Impeller Pumps

Rotary lobe and flexible impeller pumps are a staple in food, beverage, and other sanitary applications. Both industrial pump styles offer portability and flexibility, allowing them to be used in multiple applications within your facility.

Typical applications for flexible impeller and rotary lobe pumps include:

  • Wineries
  • Dairy Production
  • Breweries
  • Food Processing
  • Cosmetics

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Rotary lobe pumps are positive displacement pumps featuring large, non-contacting chambers that handle solids, slurries, pastes, and liquids. The primary advantage of these self-priming pumps is their ability to handle abrasive substances, viscous liquids, and solids without damaging the product.

Our inventory of lobe pumps and pump parts includes options from:

  • Ampco
  • Waukesha

Flexible Impeller Pumps

Flexible impeller pumps are self-priming, positive displacement pumps featuring flexible rubber impeller vanes to draw in and move liquids through the pump housing. These bi-directional pumps provide a constant flow rate and handle low and high viscosity substances with ease. Flexible impeller pumps also feature low shear operation for sensitive fluids and those containing gas or suspended particles.

The reversible operation and versatility of flexible impeller pumps make them a convenient solution for multiple applications.  We offer impeller pumps and accessories from the following manufacturers:

  • Jabsco
  • Oberdorfer

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