Mag Drive, Magnetically Driven, Seal-less

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic drive pumps have a similar design and operation as centrifugal pumps, except they do not have a shaft seal and use a magnetic field instead of a drive mechanism to rotate the impeller and move fluid. To operate the magnetic drive pump, an external magnet transmits motion to an internal drive magnet connected to the impeller.  The drive magnet rotates around the housing and the impeller spins in synchronization, propelling fluid through the pump components.

There are several advantages to using magnetic drive pumps, including:

  • Low risk of fluid and vapor emission leakage, reducing issues associated with exposure to hazardous or corrosive substances
  • Simple design eliminates the need for shaft sealing  
  • High reliability means minimal maintenance and infrequent repairs

Magnetic Drive Pumps – A Versatile Solution for Low Viscosity Fluid Applications

Magnetic drive pumps work best for low viscous fluids and are not suitable for fluids containing solids. Most magnetic drive pump models have a seal-less design and dry-run capabilities, though we do not recommend running pumps dry for extended periods. 

The versatility of magnetic drive pumps makes them suitable for a broad range of industries and applications, including:

  • Bio-Fuel Production
  • Chemical Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Oil Refineries
  • Water Treatment Plants

High-Quality Magnetic Drive Pumps and Accessories

PS-AZ is an Arizona-based industrial pump supplier serving customers throughout the Scottsdale area. We partner with several top industry manufacturers to provide magnetic drive pumps and pump accessories for a range of application. Select from large cast iron pumps with a PFTE or Teflon lining for use with chemicals and other caustic substances. We also provide plastic and stainless-steel models to accommodate a variety of fluid types.

We stock magnetic drive pumps and pump parts from the following manufacturers:

  • Finish Thompson
  • Iwaki America
  • March
  • Sethco

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